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Celeste Payne

Educator at Westtown School

I am a high school technology and science educator in the upper division of a Quaker independent boarding school. My goal is to make a significant contribution to the community life, curricular, diversity, educational technology, and/or professional development programs at an independent school as a member of its administrative leadership team.

Celeste Payne's Background

Celeste Payne's Experience

Science Teacher at Westtown School

September 2008 - Present | West Chester, Pennsylvania

• Taught 2-4 sections of Biology 1 (introductory survey course), Biology 2 (elective course), Chemistry 1 (introductory survey course), Environmental Issues, and and/or Environmental Science • Reshaped & converted the second-year biology sequence into a series of semester-based courses focused on current topics of interests to adolescents • Implemented laboratory investigations that incorporate hypothesis formulation & data analysis • Initiated the process to convert the half-credit, discussion-oriented Environmental Issues course into a full credit, lab-oriented Environmental Science course • Completed Flinn Scientific’s High School Laboratory Safety Course [January 2013] and Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Label Elements & Safety Data Sheets Training [August 2013] • Supported & guided a small group of students as their faculty advisor

Assistant Dean of Students at Westtown School

August 2008 - Present | West Chester, Pennsylvania

• Collaborated with the Dean of Students to coordinate & support the community life, disciplinary, residential life, & student leadership programs for a 400-person student body • Managed the demerit system to monitor minor disciplinary infractions for students • Spearheaded Student Council’s effort to design a new K-12 Mobile Device Policy • Dormitory Heads Committee, member; Discipline Council, member; Student Council, Faculty Advisor

Board Secretary Representative at Philadelphia Multicultural Resource Center (MCRC)

August 2008 - Present

• Consulted to develop programming that promotes & enriches diversity in Philadelphia area independent schools • Recorded, distributed, & catalogued the minutes of each Board meeting • Created an organized framework to capture & catalogue events & Board meetings

Duty Administrator at Westtown School

August 2008 - Present | West Chester, Pennsylvania

• Led the Upper School community for an evening on a weekly basis and during several weekends throughout the school year • Directed & managed a duty crew (of 12 faculty members & 6 student leaders) stationed in their various assigned locations across campus • Managed attendance, including short-term & long-term departures from & returns to campus by students • Managed emergencies, including fire alarms & student crises requiring health care & psychological support • Communicated with students, parents, the Health Center, Security, the Technology Department, the Upper School Office, and school administrators on an as needed basis

Technology Specialist at Westtown School

August 2012 - June 2014 | West Chester, Pennsylvania

• Supported faculty members where they were in technology experience • Trained faculty members to set up & maintain a page in the Moodle Learning Management System • Assisted faculty members in their set up of technology tools (e.g., Dropbox) to support their work • Trained faculty members on technology tools (e.g., Dropbox, Evernote, Twitter) • Consulted on the Technology Committee, which approved the school’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), Social Media Policy, & Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) as well as recommended the school’s new Canvas Learning Management System & the faculty’s laptop-tablet device

Site Director at Center For Talented Youth (Johns Hopkins University)

June 2003 - August 2013

• Senior most on-site administrator for intensive academic residential summer program at the Easton, Pennsylvania site (2012), Bethlehem, Pennsylvania site (2011), and the Santa Cruz, California site (1993-2010) • Led, managed, & supervised all aspects of the CTY summer program for 200-300 students at the host site • Set the appropriate tone for the CTY community • Instituted appreciation & understanding of the CTY program philosophy, policy, & procedure among the staff • Collaborated with the instructional staff, the office and administrative personnel, & the residential staff to work in harmony with each other • Supervised & assessed all members of the 10-14 member administrative staff

Health Teacher at Westtown School

September 2008 - June 2009 | West Chester, Pennsylvania

• Taught 2 sections of Health & Life Skills course to freshmen

Science Teacher at Buckingham Browne & Nichols School

September 2004 - June 2008 | Cambridge, Massachusetts

• Taught 3-4 sections of Introductory Biology (survey course to freshmen & sophomores) and/or Environmental Science (survey course to juniors & seniors) • Supported & guided a small group of students (in the 10th, 11th & 12th grades) as their faculty advisor

Science Teacher at Shady Side Academy

August 1994 - June 2004 | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

• Taught 3-4 sections of Biology (introductory survey course), Advanced Biology (advanced survey course), and/or Chemistry (introductory survey course) • Supported & guided a small group of students (in the 9th or 10th grade) as their faculty advisor

Dormitory Head at Shady Side Academy

August 1997 - June 2004 | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

• Supervised a girls’ dormitory, including the faculty dormitory assistants & the student prefects • Managed disciplinary issues with the advice of the Director of Residential Life & the Deans of Students

Biology Teacher at Shady Side Academy

August 1994 - June 2004 | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Taught 4 sections of a combination of the following: - Biology (introductory survey course) to freshmen & sophomores; - Advanced Biology (advanced survey course) to juniors & seniors; - Chemistry (introductory survey course) to sophomores & juniors

Assistant Head Form Advisor at Shady Side Academy

August 1996 - June 2004 | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

• Supervised & counseled tenth grade advisors in their work with their advisees • Served on the Advisory Committee (of Head Form Advisors & Assistant Head Form Advisors) chaired by Shady Side Academy’s Director of the Advisory Program

Celeste Payne's Education

Brown University

1987 – 1993


Concentration: biology

Activities: head counselor, resident counselor, residential area supervisor

Celeste Payne's Interests & Activities

calligraphy, crossword puzzles, kakuro, reading, sudoku, creativity, innovation, PLCs, PLNs, 21st century education

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